The Spirit of World Steel
Why World Steel?

World - A new company with a lot of experience, bringing hope, quality and good after sales service to the industry.

Steel - With the quality, stability and strength of steel, all of our products are made with the professional knowledge of our engineers and constantly improved with the feedback from our customers. This is the spirit of turning iron into steel.

Our principles are ''quality first and making client needs our priority''. We pursue zero defects and help our customers to make a profitable investment for all parties.

About WorldSteel

Advantages of World Steel

  • Abundant Experience

    Our founder established World Steel on the solid foundations of 30 years of professional experience in the bag making industry. After working with numerous customers from all around the globe, testing and improving machinery, it was time for World Steel to bring our products to the marketplace. This means that when our customers choose World Steel machinery it means high productivity, stable quality and high quality for their factory.
  • Win-Win

    Because of the knowledge held in our workforce, companies with little experience in the industry choose World Steel as their partner, as when you let us know your needs, we know exactly the model and optimizations that your flexible packaging and bag making machinery needs in order to run at optimum capacity, creating a win-win situation for both us and our customers.
  • Continuity Development

    Here at World Steel we understand the properties of HDPE, LDPE and some of the newer biodegradable processing materials such as corn starch so that our machines are stable in their production. We believe that stability is the cornerstone in your production line, so that when your customer has decided on what quality and amount that they need, you are able to deliver on time, every time.
  • high quality and stable production

    Professional testing is a huge part of our process when producing your machines. No machine leaves our factory without first undergoing a range of rigorous tests. Your production line will be able to get off the ground as soon as the machine is delivered.
  • Fully Customizing

    Our fully customizable plastic packing machines will tailor to all your production needs.


  • Customized plastic packing machine
  • High-speed automatic Side sealing & cutting machine
  • High-speed automatic bottom sealing & cutting machine
  • Folding & hot slitting sealing machine
  • Flower shape bag making machine
  • Sandwich folding machine
  • Perforation and slitter machine
  • Auto Slitting & cutting machine
  • Clear holder making machine
  • Plastic file-bag making machine

We look forward to having the opportunity to do business together.

If you require customized machines, let us know the expected/desired machine type and we can recommend suitable machines or customize a brand new model, just for you.

About WorldSteel
World Steel-Side Sealing Bag Making Machine Manufacturer

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