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  • zipper bag making machine
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World Steel is a manufacturer of Zip Lock Bag Making Machines. The machines use the latest technology offering advanced performance and versatility that facilitate easy installation, setup, operation and maintenance. These machines are ideal for producing high quality ziplock bags at an excellent cost efficiency.

Efficient Zip Lock Bag Making Machine:High Capacity at 120 bag/min 

The Automatic Zipper Bag Machine converts a tubular roll of pp material with clip chain structure into a side seal bag, no need to purchase additional zippers.  The machine is capable of running at 120 bags / minute. This saves cost, space and labor.

Automatic Zipper Bag Machine for PP Film 

Our Automatic Zipper Bag Making Machine can be used for producing a high quality side sealed zipper bag from PP materials. 


Zip Lock Bag Making Machine is mainly used for making zipped bags, zipper pouch bags and small zipper bags. The basic structure of the machine is designed with a high precision motor. It adopts a high quality electric servo motor which can ensure the machine smooth running. The features of our zip lock bag making machine are as follows:
  1. The zip lock bag making machine not only makes the PP Zipper Bags according to the customer's design and size, but also has many advantages including saving the cost of purchasing additional clip chains and not needing to install the clip chain equipment on the machine. It can reduce your investment cost.
  2. Adopts photoelectric sensor technology to adjust the zipper and label position automatically, greatly enhancing the operating accuracy.
  3. The length of the zipper bags that can be made is up to 600mm.
  4. Material feeding system adopts air cylinder, rollers are equipped with soft material so as to prevent wrinkling of materials after stitching.


    • Model
    • Width of Bag
    • Length of Bag
    • Speed / Pcs / Minute
    • Heater
    • Floor Space (L×W×H)
    • Length of Rubber Roller
    • Length of Cutter
    • Required Power
    • WS-260H-Z
    • 5-60cm
    • Max. 60cm
    • Max. 120
    • 4.8 KW
    • 750× 130 × 185 cm
    • 66 cm
    • 66 cm
    • 25KW


  • Zip Lock Bag Making Machines are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of packaging industries. They make leak-proof stand-up bags, which can be widely used in food, chemical, agriculture and other industries.

Available materials

  • The PP film with zipper structure is available.  The flexible PP film is heat sealed into the bag shape by the machine.