• perforation and slitting machine
  • flower sleeves
  • fruit breathable bags
  • perforation and slitting machine
  • flower sleeves
  • fruit breathable bags


The World Steel's perforation and slitting machine is the best choice when it comes to customizing your film for packaging and agricultural applications. It is able to process a range of types of single layer polypropylene films and optional equipment can be added to improve production accuracy and quality. Some of these options include: PLC device to monitor and control inputs and outputs, a scrap coiler to collect your waste film, core cutting machines for paper tube preparation and a specialized hot needle wheel for pinpoint accuracy.


Our perforation and slitting machine has been customized in many ways to make it stand out from other options on the market. A separate strip or micro-hole operations can be performed, or both at the same time, giving the operator a host of processing options. The needle wheel can also be customized with various specifications, making it suitable for more than one task. The temperature control system keeps heat constant, preventing film warping and ensuring smooth operation. The loading and unloading of materials is very fast and convenient using a pneumatic system for both parts of the system, making sure that all of your material is processed to perfection.


  • Slitting Speed
  • Perforating Speed
  • Product Width
  • Shaft Width
  • Material Diameter
  • Product Diameter
  • Rewinder Core Diameter
    • WS-1200SLP
    • 0-120 M/Min
    • 0-80 M/Min
    • 150~1200 MM
    • 1300 MM
    • Max.600 MM
    • Max.420 MM
    • 3" Φ

      • MODEL
      • Machine Dimensions
      • Packing Size
      • Machine Weight
      • Packing Weight
      • WS-1200SLP
      • 3.14 X 1.95 X 1.94 M (L X W X H)
      • 3.34 X 2.15 X 2.14 M (L X W X H)
      • 2600 KG
      • 3200 KG


    Vegetable and fruit breathable bags, flower shape bags, agricultural films and more.

    Suitable Raw Materials

    • - Suitable for single layer roll films such as PP,BOPP and CPP.