• Automatic Display Book Machine with Packing System
  • Plastic Folder for A4 Paper
  • Automatic Display Book Machine with Packing System
  • Plastic Folder for A4 Paper

Most of the clear display books with sheet protectors require extra manpower for bonding, welding, dotting and packing. In response to Industry 4.0, automation manufacturing is essential and implemented to our Clear Display Book Machines. The automatic controllers and adjustment devices are developed to make the production lines of plastic file folders and sheet protectors efficient. Automatic packing system is optional. All processes from raw material feeding to final packing can be completed on a fully automatic production line, which saves labor costs and improves production quality and capacities.

Flexible Arrangements of Display Book Machines with Packing System

World Steel's Display Book Machines with exclusive designs provide more flexible production for clear display books and sheet protectors production. It can be operated as an independent display book machine, or equipped with an automatic packaging machine. From material feeding to final products, making the whole process as a highly automatic production line.

  1. Display Book Making Machine and Sheet Protector Making Machine

    The Clear Display Book Making Machines, also known as Sheet Protectors Machines, are equipped with fully automatic servo motor controllers for welding, cutting, dotting and sealing. It is an ideal machine for high-speed pocket sheet productions. The extra servo motor controllers equipped with the machines provide much better control to accurate positions of display books. The intelligent system monitors the whole process during operation, and immediately shuts down when an abnormality happens, providing an efficient and safe production model.

  2. Automatic Display Book Machine with Packing System

    All the processes are automatically controlled by the program and can be operated easily by the control panel. After setting up the parameters, you can start the production easily by only pressing one button. And then you can complete multiple processes at one time. It helps reduce investment costs in manpower. In addition, the automatic conveyor and counting are integrated in the machine, which makes you more competitive by high level automation manufacturing.

  1. Reduce Labor Costs

    Compared with traditional machines and productions, the super features of our automatic clear display book machine with packing system requires less manpower. It greatly reduces labor costs. The manufacturing process starts from the feeding of roll packaging materials, automatic edge alignment, automatic counting, and then automatic packing.

  2. Improve Production Efficiency

    Automated production lines with constant packing speed at as high as 8 to 9 clear display books per minute.

  3. Prevent Hot Melt Adhesive From Sticking

    The automatic packing machine is equipped with a special triangular punching design to prevent the cutter from sticking hot melt adhesive when cutting.

  4. Reduce the Cost of Packaging Bags

    There is no need to purchase extra OPP packaging bags. You can reduce the packaging cost by using hot melt adhesive for the packing.

  5. Electric Eye Tracing Device

    The automatic packaging machine is equipped with a printing electric eye, which can track color and position.

  6. Automatically Adjust the Frame Size of Packaging

    The frame size of the packaging can be set automatically, which makes most packing materials to be used efficiently and also reduce scraps.

  7. Equipped with Servo and Electric Cylinder

    It is with upgraded electronic controls such as full servo electronics. The display book production runs at stable speed and accurately.

  8. Custom Design Service

    We offer solutions for customized packaging to fit any of your packaging needs.

It brings you continuous and automatic packing for the display book production. The output is about 8-9 pcs/min.

  • A4 Display Book

  • Clear Book

  • Clear Book Folder

  • Plastic File Folder

  • Profile Folder for Document

  • Sheet Protector Book

  • Clear Presentation Book

  • Any display book with 10 to 20 sheet protectors is available.

  1. Available Materials for Sheet Protectors


  2. Available Materials for Pacaking of Display Books