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Zipper Bag

What are Zipper Bags?

Zipper bag or Ziplock Bag is a plastic bag with a zipper-locked mouth. The features of the Zipper Bags are tough and waterproof. The airtight helps the food inside to keep for a long time. This storage bag is one of the most common food storage bags and can be used to store just about anything like vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, snacks, and leftover food in the fridge and freezer.

Quality Zipper Bags Making Machine Manufacturer

World Steel Machinery Company, a Zipper Bag Making Machine Manufacturer, has earned a reputation for being one of the best plastic bag machinery industry, offering high-quality, effective-cost solutions. Specializing in close-tolerance of Zipper Bag Making Machines, we provide a total concept solution from design to tooling and fulfillment. We also provide preventive inspections for Zipper Bag Making Machine maintenance, adjustment for stable operation, and increasing of its life cycle. The combined effort ensures machine quality, precision tolerances, and optimized production capacity. We offer customized service of full ranges of Zipper Bag Making Machines worldwide. If you are looking for Zipper Bag Making Machines, Zipper Punch Bag Making Machines, Zip Lock Bag Making Machines, or Pouch Bag Making Machines, World Steel Machinery has decades of experience and certificated facility featuring top-of-the-line equipment, that ensures to support you with an outstanding return on investment.


Highly Productive Zipper Bag Machines

Our Zipper Bag Machine is equipped with an AC servo motor. The special designs such as auto feeding make the machines automatic, which saves costs. We use premium key components to ensure high quality, accuracy and efficiency. You can select optional equipment as per your demands. It includes hole punching, auto stacking, and ultrasonic longitudinal sealing.

Advanced Innovative Features

  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Most zipper bag sizes are available
  • High precision/accuracy/efficiency
  • Safety designs of shutting down for emergency
  • Full ranges of machines for any type of zipper pouch bags

Options for Zipper Bag Making Machines

  • Zipper Bag Making Machine
  • Zipper Punch Machine
  • Zip Lock Making Machine
  • Punch Bag Making Machine