At the Vanguard in Customization and Automation in Bag Making Machinery Industry


In recent years, different government policies due to plastic control and use reduction, make machine manufacturer accommodate their new production lines, World-Steel a Taiwanese Bag making machinery manufacturers were not the exception, since the early stages of regulations on plastics use have started to develop machinery adequate to bag manufacturer’s needs.

World-Steel is capable to adapt its machinery to different raw materials when producing plastic bags, such as biodegradable materials, which generally speaking not every manufacturer is able to do, this thanks to their high customization ability.

Plastic Zipper Bag

Plastic Zipper Bag

One of the World-Steel's Machine Applications: Zipper Bag

Also, World-Steel is one of the most recognized manufacturers in Taiwan thanks to their high expertise in the development of automatic production lines, this makes bag machine manufacturers reduce costs and increase production capacity.

For many international customers, one of the main concerns is the costs, starting from the machinery cost, and now lately due to COVID the well-known increase in transportation fees, which became way more expensive than pre-COVID era. World-Steel also can adapt to different budgets from simple machinery to even more advanced technology.

Right now one of their specializations and one of the reasons why customers are putting their trust in World-Steel is the remote assistance that they can provide, just connecting the machine to the internet, they can identify the problem and provide a fast response to customers, doesn’t matter where they are, can be America, Europe, Asia, the response time will be the same.

High-speed Automatic Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine

World-Steel's Zipper Bag Making Machine, Model: WS-260H-Z

Being able to provide remote service support is very important nowadays because one of the main concerns is that during the epidemic time, isn’t easy as before to travel to the customer factory to fix any problems, so we can mention that World-Steel always at the vanguard when it comes to response time and after-sales service. Working hand by hand with World Steel is one of the main points when purchasing their machinery since they will provide you with the best suit for your needs, doesn’t matter what is your budget, your expected production capacity, and even the materials you are going to work with, they will for sure provide different options, that accommodate what your requirements are.

As an example of how World-Steel can help to increase production performance, they have one customer in Indonesia that was using another supplier's machinery before starting to cooperate with World-Steel, nowadays this customer increases their production by over 10 times from what they had before.

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Source: PRM-Taiwan blog