• Plastic Flower Sleeve Perforated Bag
  • Plastic Flower Sleeve Perforated Bag

Plastic Perforation Bag

What are Plastic Perforated Bags?

Perforated Bag is a plastic bag with small holes, which allows scent and moisture to release. The ideal airflow keep product or food dry, fresh or crisp. Manufacturers use Perforating Machines with special blades that accurately and precisely make cuts along with the plastic films.

Premium Plastic Perforation Bags Machine Manufacturer

World Steel Machinery Company, a Plastic Perforation Bag Machine Manufacturer, has earned a reputation for being one of the best in the plastic bag machinery industry, offering high-quality, effective-cost solutions. The machines are available for most plastic films and bags, including BOPP, CPP or OPP. We specialize in Plastic Bag Perforating Machines, and we also provide a total concept solution from design , manufacturing support , to trial run and fulfillment. Moreover, our experienced team can provide preventive inspections for Plastic Perforation Bags and Films Machine maintenance, adjustment for stable operation, and increasing of its life cycle. The combined effort ensures machine quality, precision tolerances, and optimized production capacity. The customized service to full ranges of machines for perforated bags is provided worldwide. If you are looking for Plastic Film Perforation Machines, Micro Film Perforation Machines or Plastic Bag Perforating Machines, World Steel Machinery has decades of experience and certificated facility featuring top-of-the-line equipment, that ensures to support you with an outstanding return on investment.

Highly Productive Plastic Bag Perforating Machines

Our Plastic Bag Perforating Machine is designed with integrated speed control between the pin and web and is available to perforate most poly-based materials. The machine consists of unwinding, perforation, and rewinding. We can make quality holes at high production speed. The precise temperature control, high-efficiency insulation, energy-saving design and easy-to-operation system make it an ideal machine for producing plastic bags.

Advanced Innovative Features

  • Easy maintenance, easy operation
  • Different plastic bag sizes are available
  • High precision/accuracy/efficiency
  • Safety designs of shutting down for emergency
  • Full ranges of machines for most types of plastic bags
  • Quick Pattern Change System

Options for Plastic Bag Perforating Machines

  • Plastic Bag Perforating Machine
  • Plastic Film Perforating Machine
  • Plastic Film Perforation & Slitting Machine
  • Micro Film Perforation Machine